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Trial price £45 for 60 minutes!

Another marvelous therapy that I personally love! These are complementary treatments and work really well with lots of symptoms associated with physical pain and emotional distress.

Sometimes referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure, it works with the energy flow of the body's meridian lines. By stimulating specific areas using a rhythm referred to as a recipe. This can help with the emotional energy flow, whether it be blocked, stuck or shifted. This tapping technique realigns and corrects directional flow through these meridians which act like energetic veins carrying energy around your body.

EFT can be used in decreasing the psychological constructs and markers of:

  • Anxiety.

  • Depression

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Pain.

  • Cravings.

  • Heart Rate Variations.

  • Cortisol.

  • Blood Pressure.

  • Resting Heart Rate.

The system of understanding is the one used by Chinese medical professionals in procedures such as acupuncture and reflexology, however this technique is non invasive. This is a great tool for self healing and empowerment. This treatment can easily be taught to children as well. I am fully enhanced DBS checked and gladly work with people of all ages.

In correcting the energy flow, this restores balance mentally, physically and emotionally. Hence the name Emotional Freedom. Combined with two phrases that work for positive psychological outcomes when combined with the Neuro-stimulation of the tapping points.

Compassionate Therapy’s Emotional Freedom Technique works as follows:

  • Heart Activation Meditation.

  • Brain Activation using The 9 Gamut Point Series.

  • Introduction of Tapping.

  • Subjective Units of Distress Scale.

  • Introduce Phrase 1 with Tapping Recipe.

  • Brain Activation using The 9 Gamut Point Series

  • Introduction of Phrase 2 and Tapping Recipe.

  • Brain Activation using The 9 Gamut Point Series.

  • Association Meditation.

  • Dissociation Meditation.

  • The Meta Model.

  • Limited Beliefs.

  • Conscious and Unconscious Responsibility.

  • The Learning Circle.

  • Timeline of Events.

Thought Field Therapy follows a similar process except the tapping rhythms are referred to as algorithms. Thought Field Therapy is a more in depth treatment for complex disorders, phobias, trauma and anxieties that help treat the following:.

  • Complex Trauma.

  • Complex Trauma with Anger.

  • Complex Trauma with Guilt.

  • Complex Anxiety with Panic Attacks.

  • Complex Phobias.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..

I will be going into more detail about how EFT and TFT help with certain disorders and using case studies for reference.

90 minute appointments are available to book individually or in packages of 6 sessions at a reduced rate.

A 45 minute taster session is also available to try and get a feel for the treatment.

Emotional Freedom Technique: Welcome
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