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Addictions, Compulsions and Obsessive Behaviours!

Tough topic guys I know, however we are all affected by these!

At the age of 41 I wouldn't say I have an aggressive addiction to anything or an addictive nature, however I have spent years abusing my body with various poisons (food, drink and drugs prescription or otherwise) at dangerous levels, obsessive thinking to take my mind off the poisons and bad habits that damage the mind, body and soul! Does any of this resonate?

From the moment we are conceived, our biological cells and nervous system are exposed to hormones and chemicals that affect our mood and behaviour. This affects everyone, both individually and collectively.

Let me share with you some examples from my own life experience.

I was born with enviable confidence! It soon got knocked out of me when I entered the education system! There are no grounds whatsoever for teaching children and young people how to manage their feelings, emotions and thought patterns, thus leading to an unexplained empty void that brings an inner longing to be filled! In Buddhism this is called “The Hungry Ghost”

Through human nature and animal instinct the negative repercussions of filling the void with damaging thoughts, actions and behaviours, surface by the means of many unhealthy life choices such as poor diet, over eating, alcoholism, drug addiction, weight obsession, over exercising, gambling, sexual problems including sex addiction, obsessive complusions and thoughts, bad relationships, poor choices, attracting negative people, self harm, self distructive behaviour and actions, the list goes on and I can personally relate to alot of these! All of this results in high level stress and anxiety! In addition to this, the pressures of school, academics, work, social conditioning and programming and general life obstacles, it becomes harder and harder to think and feel clearly and live a good balanced life regarding emotions and thoughts. In turn this brings physical depletion, illness and other health complications!

For me I always drank too much socially and became obsessed with running to keep my weight down! I had 2 daughters in my early 20’s, worked as a civil servant in a great job, studied for a degree, lived with my partner at the time, ran 3 hours every other day and on the days I wasn't running I would do intensive yoga! I was constantly on a diet and obsessed with my weight! I woke up early, went to bed late, burned the candle at both ends and wondered why none of this made me happy? I had a huge breakdown one day, walked out of my job and had an opportunity to go to Thailand for 4 weeks which I took! On an 8 hour train journey from Bangkok to Udon I read a book called “The Lotus Still Blooms” which is a take on Buddhism by an Ordained Christian female priest and how we can adapt our western lifestyles to embrace some of the buddhist concepts for healing and living a better more fulfilling life! I began by writing a list of the changes I would make when I returned……the rest is history as they say and I will be writing a weekly blog with examples and tips from my own life experience regarding the challenges I have faced and how I healed from them in the hopes my stories might connect with someone out there brining hope and positive direction for the future !!

In the 2000’s you would very rarely see me without a drink in my hand! Everyone would tell me how great I looked due to all the obsessive exercising and the booze gave me confidence! Just because you look good on the outside, it doesn't mean you are ok on the inside!!

Life is about learning and growing. Our addictions, compulsions and obsessions never go away, it's just finding and learning easy and healthy ways to cope, survive and conquer in our own lives!! If i can do it, you can too! I am here as a guide offering a way to find the right tools that work for you and once you find them they are yours for life!! What a great investment in yourself and wellbeing!! You couldn't give yourself a better gift!!

So what can be done about this?

Learning from Eastern practices and knowledge, how to heal energy-body, spirit, soul and life force! The mind, body and soul are all connected, and if you have been desperately trying to feel better, disconnect from negative thoughts and improve any bad habits or lifestyle choices, why not give some holistic and alternative therapies a try? Surely it's a better and more healthy way of filling the void with some positive addictions!?

You have to get down to get up! It's taken me nearly 20 years to see the value and importance of breakdowns of codependency and obsessions that merely distract us from hidden loneliness and depression!

This is not a new topic, it is a forgotten one! I believe it should be bought into the education system with just as much importance as learning about the human body and sex education for children!

My favourite Buddhist quote; “Everything in moderation including moderation.”

Would you like to drink less alcohol, have less pain, mental, physical or emotional, have better quality relationships and support networks, better quality sleep, more healthy lifestyle, more energy, clarity of thought, more self confidence, rely less on standard medications and much more permanently uplifting addictions and habitual behaviours?

You can!!

The mind is a computer programmed by experience since fetal development inside the womb. It takes years if not lifetimes to reach the level of programming your mind is at today as you read this post. I offer life skills, resources and tools for reprogramming your mind for the better! Join me as you start untying mental programming, unlocking trauma and blockages and loosening up the tension! I can give you the clues and keys for a better life, it's up to you how you use them! Regular practice of alternative therapy is so important in maintaining good mental health!

Healthy addictions and coping mechanisms!!

Through my training and life adventures and experience, I've picked up a lot of tips and techniques that I love to use on myself and want to share with you!

In every treatment I offer breathing techniques and breath work this is so important and a great place to start! Physically I heal through massage, for the mind I teach Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and more. Energy healing through Reiki and crystals and sound therapy using Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Chinese Gongs, Ceremonial Drumming and chimes to cleanse the body and energy field and also tune the mind to a healing trance state, brainwave and Pineal gland activation! I also offer Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, trained through the Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy and am a registered practitioner with National Council of Hypnotherapy!! In addition to this I offer one to one developmental meditation sessions to focus entirely on you and how you can expand your mind through meditation, deepen connection with your subconscious and higher self to proclaim your best timeline and empower yourself to take back control of YOUR life, YOUR way, YOUR body, YOUR mind and YOUR soul!

Treatments I offer can aid with:

Anxiety, panic and phobias

Children's Problems

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Smoking Cessation

Stress management

PTSD and Trauma




Relationship issues

Migraine and headaches

Sexual problems

Studying and Presentation Skills


Weight management



Sports Performance

Pain Management

In life we tend to start believing the lies we tell ourselves because it hurts to let go of the Ego mind and we are scared to be authentic and activate our true self!

"Lie to me

I promise I'll believe

Lie to me

But please don't leave

Don't leave"

Lyrics from a song by Sheryl Crow called Strong Enough! And it's true we are more comfortable believing the lies we tell ourselves than getting to the bottom of our healing, cleansing, learning and facing our truths!

If you would like to know more about any of my treatments and how they can help I offer free phone consultations! If you would like to try any of my treatments I am currently offering 30 minute sessions for just £5 deposit to book and a donation of your choice on the day of the treatment!

Please remember that your mind is YOUR mind and all the help in the world won't cure any issues if your subconscious is not ready to let them go!

If you struggle in life or have an issue with anything discussed in this post please seek help! Below are links to websites where you can find good advice and someone to talk to! Always reach out! Its never too late until it's too late so please share and talk!! Lotus still blooms Buddhist teachings for the western mind

Looking back at my younger years, I smile with a knowing patience as I have now found sustainable and productive coping mechanisms and inner peace 🙏

Love from me


07522 457 422

Compassionate Therapy at The Zen Den

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