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Dear All

Why do bad things happen to good people?

How many times have you thought or asked yourself this? We are living in tough times with all sorts of negative, restricting and oppressive things happening to all kinds of different people for all kinds of different reasons all around the world.

If we could eradicate all the bad things in life I'm sure we would actively try, however because we exist within a polarised reality this means we can't have good without bad. The yin and yang flow of energy means we wouldn't be able to perceive any goodness if we don't have something to compare it to.

When we take time out to examine our lives from this perspective of energy flow it begins to shift the depth in which we experience and feel and therefore it begins to shift the way we react to these experiences.

Life is a journey and full of lessons through our experiences, one day at a time. All the negative emotions that are born from our bad experiences can become stuck within our subconscious leading to mental, emotional, energetic and physical damage.

Today I feel motivated to discuss the energy of “blame”. No matter what we have been through, how big or little, if it's a negative experience our automatic reaction to negative situations is to allocate blame. This makes a lot of rational sense because it is a standard coping mechanism. Once we have allocated blame, then what?

Although this has some practical purpose such as legal protection, finding out the truth, responsibility and so on, if you remain stuck within this vibration it can burden the energy body with blockages such as victim hood, resentment, hate and anger and this is no good for anyone.

Do you feel you are stuck and weighted down by the negative effects of blame whether or not you are blaming someone else and cant let it go and feel like this is holding you back in life, or perhaps you are being blamed for something or blaming yourself and you don't know how to mentally let it go?

Once we move beyond the natural reaction to blame, then what? This is a great opportunity to exercise forgiveness, collective consciousness, breath work and releasing the negative effects of bad experience mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically.

There are several ways this can be done but ultimately it begins within. By learning conscious breathing and how to invoke love and positive energy yourself from the universe. Find a quiet sacred space in your home to practise this daily or as often as you can. Whilst inside the comfort and safety of your sacred space and focusing on conscious breathing, you are safe to examine this energy of blame. We all have to be able to let go no matter how difficult and challenging this might be and it is a process that doesn't happen overnight.

For all the bad things that happen to us or that perhaps we unknowingly or unintentionally have caused others, we need to be able to move forward, heal, forgive and break the cycle of negativity because on an energy level, due to the way we collectively all have an effect on each other, it's so important that we find a way to break the pattern.

Meditation is a great tool for this and there are lots of different techniques to expand your consciousness and be able to remove yourself from negative thinking such as the energy of blame, releasing the karmic cycle it brings.

Give yourself a moment with each breath to reflect upon the blame that is causing you so much pain. When you are ready, begin to visulise this blame as a darkness that has a negative impact on the entire world. Then with your breath imagine breathing in a beautiful crystalline light, in through the top of your head. With each breath let it start to fill your heart centre, which gradually grows and expands. Eventually you will be full of so much bright light that you begin to transmute this light and send it out to all the darkness in the world and all the people that need it most. When you become familiar with invoking positive emotions, you will naturally associate this light with positive, loving energies and when you breathe them into your heart centre you are healing and clearing all the blockages caused by the blame that brought them in originally.

Like everything in life it takes time and practise and there are plenty of tools and tips for expanding this. If you would like to connect and talk more about the wonders of meditation just let me know!

Such a great tool for self healing!

I use this all the time to raise my vibration, take a higher perspective, cleanse and clear my energy and that of others!!

We have no choice but to live together on this planet, why not try and do it with as positive a mind set as possible, it's the only true way to conquer conflict, by starting from within!

Love you all

Emma xx

07522 457 422

Compassionate Therapy at The Zen Den Retford

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