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Calling all men!!!

Hi Everyone!

I felt inspired to write a female empowering blog this week…..however i think the women have currently got things down!!!  So I decided to flip reverse the scenario and do a shout to all the men who are in need for some healing attention and are ready for change!!

If you are a man, or indeed a woman, and can relate to this please let me know!

For centuries now men have been burdened by the conformity and constraints of the male ego and the battle of the alpha male!! Are you tired of competing and the fight of survival?  Are you exhausted from the constant feelings of having to be in absolute control?  Are your intimate relationships with partners, family of friends being affected by controlling, obsessive behaviours?  Are you sick of being angry all the time?  Perhaps you are feeling the negative effects of stress related work loads in a fast paced, high power, working environment?  Or maybe you are simply looking for tips and ways to be able to let go of your analytical mind and move into a more fluid and effortless connection with your emotions and/or empathy towards others to better improve your life and relationships and understanding, generationally or with more of an intuitive, maternal perspective?

I am a mother to a son, a daughter to a father, have two brothers, two nephews and have children with two different fathers of their own, not to mention a long list of ex relationships with men!!!  I know all about it!  I've worked in government and corporate environments alongside alpha males and have come up against the male ego on more than one occasion!  

On an energy level,  I have always had a high masculne vibration.  As a child I was a tomboy, growing up the boys were always my best friends and in adult relationships men are offended by my independence and strength!  I can explain more about how masculine and femine energy actually works within your emotional body and give you examples of how you can restore the balance.

Men really need to have someone and somewhere to reach out to at these hard times of such great magnitude in evolution and paradigm shifts!!

If any of this resonates, get in touch for a chat and discussion on the process of “letting go” from a male ego, alpha male, masculine perspective!!

Love you all



07522 457 422

Compassionate Therapy at The Zen Den

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