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Corporate Wellbeing

Are you a boss or corporate company local to the Worksop, Whitwell and Retford area and want to improve and maintain the mental health and wellness of your staff?

My name is Emma and my business is Compassionate Therapy and I am currently offering packages that are ideal for treating your staff or members of your organisation.

From massage to meditation I come to you and provide individual 20 minute slots on site at your location! Pit stop therapy of choice!

I am fully licensed, insured and equipped to work efficiently and  on a mobile basis.  If you have the funding and a suitable space for your staff to receive treatments, therapy, stress management and/or coaching and value the evolution of mental health awareness and support in a working environment, this is a great opportunity for positive reinforcement.

If you are interested and would like more information please do get in touch!

07522 457 422

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