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FREE Accessible Therapy Techniques and Tips with Compassionate Therapy's YouTube Channel!

With 30 years combined experience working in the civil service, complex care, holistic healing and therapy field, I know first hand how important it is that government bodies, schools, colleges, universities and all corporate organisations take heed and enroll an holistic approach in supporting all individuals, students, staff, employees and colleagues, not only to ensure safety and trust in working and education environments but also to prevent regrettably devastating situations in the future.

This is our mental health on a cultural level in communities and society and nationwide. We have all witnessed in recent years, our own mental health deterioration and that of others, through the experiences on many levels of events including covid and the cost of living crisis.

I am currently fully focused on collaborating with my community and bringing information and offering choice for the help that is available because I feel it is utmost important to empower each other and that is my main aim!

Therapy is not just a job for me it's a way of life and I love it! For me it began through my own interest in self healing. This year has been a huge year for me on the therapy level already! I've taken on a lot of additional study and I've found myself travelling full circle in my own realisations and therapeutic practises!

For this reason I have spent the last few weeks taking a step back from my newsletter and the way I have been working up to now in order to start with a fresh approach and one I feel really excited about sharing!

Due to a lot of recent emails from prospective clients asking me about the way therapy works and for my opinion and recommendations for interventions and treating symptoms, I've been inspired to produce Compassionate Therapy’s Youtube channel!! This will be weekly videos supporting and aligning with that week's newsletter and blog. This gives me a great opportunity to answer all your questions and better explain and connect with you!

This week is the first video an introduction to Compassionate Therapy introducing myself for those who don't already know who I am and my back story. It covers why I created Compassionate Therapy, the therapy on offer outlining how that works, how it can help and what I aim to achieve as a therapist and through my practice!

My main aim is collaboration with a holistic approach to help everyone not just individually but also on a collective level, in schools, corporate organisations, government bodies, councils, society and communities.

I will do this by sharing as much information as possible, highlighting the importance of collective healing to create a strong culture of diverse support, understanding, compassion, empathy and awareness so that not only do we heal but we also prevent! This has to be done as a whole because this is ultimately important to break the cycle of trauma and I will explain more about what that means exactly and how to identify it collectively, as well as individually. Every single person on this planet is affected in some way and on some level by the symptoms of trauma and the trauma experienced by others.

This week it's Introduction to Compassionate Therapy.

Week 2: How to Identify Trauma. Including understanding behaviours, types of trauma, the impact on human development and the results that can lead to psychological problems and

substance abuse.

Week 3: Will based around self destructive behaviours, redefining what this means, raising awareness of triggers, how they develop and what to do, understanding and talking about the issues, tools and techniques for transformation and posttraumatic growth.

Week 4: Interventions reviewed, explained and examined including looking into case studies.

I will discuss all the various interventions in more detail to raise awareness of the benefits of them all and I'll be interviewing other therapists regarding the work they do and various topics and outcomes. I want to be able to give as much back to my community as possible and for this reason I want to create informative and useful content that will help you on your healing journey, explain how everything is connected and how therapy is fundamentally an old age concept of mindfulness and going within that has been lost in our culture over time and evolution into the modern world, now day by day is becoming more talked about and shared again with in communities so we are able to heal collectively once more.

From here I will be putting together short courses and talking more about trauma in the workplace, schools, government and corporate organisations and how this can be supported, addressed and prevented.

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