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Healing Journeys!

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd write a friendly introduction post! 👋

My name is Emma and I used to want to be Gwen Stefani, but now all I want is inner peace and contentment and I've got it!

How did I get it?

Well I started by striping back my false identify which was extremely painful letting go of! However along the way I have learnt about many different holistic and well being practises and medicines that helped me all the way and now I have a therapy room in Retford and I am sharing them with you!

Compassionate Therapy was created off the back of my recent Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training and diploma! Before this I trained in massage, crystal healing, sound therapy and reiki as well as qualifying to teach meditation which is a true passion of mine!

And although I will never stop learning and moving forward with my research and study, I have combined all my efforts to offer full affordable healing and treatment sessions and packages !

Free manageable online meditation sessions, mobile massage and holistic treatments as well as healing at my therapy room based at The Zen Den Retford and I can offer remote therapy sessions via what's app or zoom!

Moving forward I will be creating healing circles, rituals and ceremonies for manifesting timelines for your highest purpose!

Healing is something everyone has to experience and is a full journey of the body, soul and mind and I am currently offering 30 minute sessions that cover all treatments only £5 to book per session and a donation of your choice on the day of treatment, so you can get all your healing needs in one appointment with me at Compassionate Therapy!

If you are interested about any treatment I offer or would like to hear more about my healing journey and how I can help you please get in touch! I am all ears and healing hands!

Love from me!

07522 457 422

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