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Inner Child!

Inner Child!

Here is a great way to connect with your inner child for healing!

Find a picture of yourself from when you were a child and take a good unbiased look at it. Just imagine for one minute that you met this child alone in a street…What would your instinct be? Protection? Love? Fear? Worry? Anxiety?

While you connect with this energy and emotion and in doing so, you begin to see how vulnerable you are! You begin to give yourself that opportunity, now as an adult, to connect with that inner child that is you and give yourself everything you need to heal and to feel healed!

A great meditation is connecting with your inner child and i'll be going through this on next Mondays, Monday Meditation!

In the meantime, try going through this exercise, find a quiet, sacred space, light a candle, work through some deep breathing, focus and begin by shutting your eyes and visualising this younger version of you. What was happening inside your life at this time? Are there any feelings that may have been triggered here and gotten stuck? These could be holding you back in your adult life in ways which only your subconscious can identify. Reconnecting in this way can help you to pick up on any blockages and bring them to a more conscious awareness for healing.

Be your own hero, be your own healer, protector, nurturer! It is a real journey healing your inner child and one that can bring clarity and a better relationship with yourself and others!

This is a big topic in the therapy field, and I offer lots of advice, counselling, coaching and ways in which you can connect with and conquer issues hidden within your subconscious mind!

Get in touch if you would like more information and advice!

Love from me!

07522 457 422

Compassionate Therapy at The Zen Den

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