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After the past few weeks, which personally have felt like a rollercoaster of stress and upset, I thought I would focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and write about self love!!

Yes folks self love!  It is primarily where true love starts and is the answer to all your problems!  Easy for me to say, don't you think?

Where to start?  You, my dear friends, are an actual miracle!  Yes you are!  You are more incredible than I can even put into words and find the ability to explain!  I will try and outline what is truly important, which is yourself, the way you think and feel about yourself, your self esteem, your inner beauty and the true fundamental, incredible abilities of your human body alone, not to forget your ability to keep going, giving, sharing, caring and coping with everything life throws your way!

Just for a moment, let's step outside of our minds.  Over thinking and analytical judgement is a natural yet highly conditioned function of the brain.  If you can put that to one side briefly.  

Now take a really slow, deep breath through your nose,, as slowly and as deeply as you can and imagine what is going on inside your body and how this looks.  All the atoms and cells, all the unconscious actions and reactions that occur every time you simply breathe in.  

Your organs, blood, tissues, fibres all working naturally and unconditionally for the greater good of your physical existence.  

And now if you can hold that breath without straining yourself, for as long as you can and then very slowly, release the exhale in a controlled and steady exhale out through your mouth.  As slowly and with as much extension for as long as possible on the exhale, just releasing all tensions and stresses inside your mind and physical body!

Wow what an incredible thing to be human, to have the power to breathe in and out and while doing so think for a minute how does this make you feel?  

Repeat this for a few breaths and at the same time let’s start thinking about love.  What does love mean to you and where do you seek it?  

Do you seek comfort in food, drink, drugs, animals, other people?  Can it sometimes feel pointless and hurtful or maybe addictive, yet unfulfilling,  always wanting more?  

Breathing consciously and focusing on love and gratitude for the very simply fact you have a body and can control the way you feel about it, especially your heart for example because this is you electro-magnetic centre and takes all the hardest blows emotional energetically and physically and because your mind wants to be in control it overrides all the attention!

Whatever your answer may be in looking for love, focus this feeling of love you seek externally, on every single part of your body internally,  that is working at every given moment to keep you alive.  Everything else that happens to you in life is just a lesson and a distracting one at that!  

Without going on too much because I try to keep these heartfelt messages to a reasonable length, give yourself with every conscious inhale and exhale, give yourself that which your heart desires most and do it now. 

A daily practice, invoking loving energy and breathing it into your physical body is a great way to start practising self love and like every technique, the more you practise, the easier it becomes and then guess what?  

When you start loving yourself you have more love, compassion and understanding for others and then guess what??? 

You stop feeling so negative!!!  I know it can seem easy to say and hard to believe and i've been conscious breathing and focusing on self love for nearly 20 years now but haven't fully mastered it because you never truly do.  Life is learning lessons!!  Practising self love leads to healing harder and faster and getting over concerns and issues quicker before the next lessons get thrown at you!! 

Give it a try, self love is a technique that needs daily attention even if it's just a few moments when you open or close your eyes before or after sleep!!

If you would like more information, tips and techniques to practice self love drop me a message.  i love to talk and self love is free by the way guys!! No cost!!

I will be doing free live meditations from my therapy room coming up in the next few weeks and each time I will go through different exercises to invoke and practise self love!!

I love you guys. I hope you love yourselves too because you should!!

Emma xx

Compassionate Therapy at Ther Zen Den Retford

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