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The Oppression of Guilt!

Hi Guys!

Another tricky subject but one i KNOW everyone can relate to because recently i find this topic coming up with everyone on some level!

The most common guilt issues i've discussed with people recently are:

Taking care of elderly parents or members of the family.

Parental guilt.

Emotional responsibility with family and friends.

Codependent relationships.

The list goes on…..

I can relate to all of these personally as I am sure most people can!  …But what can be done to ease the oppression of the guilty feelings that occur, although necessarily but also understandably as a burden of responsibility?

Well to start with, the key to the release lies within knowing (and I will remind you and tell you now)  that you are 100 percent ENOUGH!!! And an amazing human being who has abilities above and beyond any literal thinking and powers that you aren't even aware of yet that lie within your subconscious coping mechanisms!

And to second that you can begin with the breath…….sounds simple i know!! Simple but true!   How many times a day would you say you breathe consciously?  Surrender, acceptance and trust!!  These all occur when conscious breathing and I will be writing a more indepth blog regarding simple breathing exercises that can help immediately with overwhelming feelings of guilt and anxiety that can be so hard to shake off.

For now, sometimes all we really need is someone to tell us they love us and everything will be ok…..and guess what folks???..I love you and everything will be ok!! 

Now imagine I am standing behind you as you are seated on your chair, straight back, strong but relaxed and shoulders down.  I place my hands on the top of your back and as i do so i whisper in your ear, signaling you to take a nice deep breath in through your nose and as you do i gently squeeze and encourage to breath in new fresh blessings and energy, all the way down to bottom of your stomach, passing through your heart, filling your lungs entirely, as your stomach muscles let go and you are full of fresh breath and energy, oxygenating your blood, activating your heart chakra.  Imagine your heart as your third lung breathing in cleansing air into every cell of your entire body.  While you are here, you hold your breath!  Just as long as it is comfortable for you.  And then your exhale loudly, audibly, through your mouth, my grip and squeeze on your back begins to release, as it does so all the air from your lungs leaves your body, along with it all the stress and tensions!

Repeat this five times knowing you are loved, everything will be ok and I am right there with you talking you through each breath in and out and helping you let go and release the oppression of guilt that does not belong to you!!  It is a complex subject however guilt is one of the emotions that we feel on a collective level and also it can be inherent from our parents and family lineage.

This is a place to start even if for just one moment of peace and release from the negativity, however it is a great place to build from and train yourself to be able to better deal with lows which will always keep coming in life and are unavoidable!

If you can relate to this subject and would like more advice or a free phone consultation, I offer treatments and teach techniques for dealing with emotions like guilt and anxiety!

Just reach out and get in touch!

Love from me xx

Compassionate Therapy at The Zen Den

07522 457 422

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