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Trance States

Hi Everyone!

I thought this week I would write about trance states as I've had a lot of interesting conversations about conscious awareness and the human psyche.

To coin a recent popular phrase “Being Triggered.” But what does this mean?

Some of you may already know, however for those that don't here is a brief insight into trance states and the programming of the human brain.

Now I'm not a scientist so my delivery and interpretation on this topic is very much layman's!

From the moment of conception the cells of the embryo are vibrating in response to their creation and also the environment around them. Emotions are energy and even on a cellular level this information transcends into every living cell. These vibrations are on many different levels, like a spectrum from high to low and even as embryos, this information is transmitted and absorbed. Therefore even when inside the womb, the energetic vibrations are being processed and even at this early stage of development, are beginning to program and mold energy and emotions as a state of trance.

These vibrations work like an algorithm communicating a frequency that has a programming effect on the human brain and body, emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically. This also has ties connected to ancestry and lineage, deep rooted belief systems that over life times are carried within DNA, RNA, and atoms and cells and all contribute to daily states of trance and triggers.

This can result in mood swings that can be “triggered” on a sensory level through touch, smell, sound, sight and so on and sometimes the individual will not even realise this is what is happening. Because we are energy beings we also collectively affect each other the same way in which a virus spreads, this also happens with your energy field, fear creates fear, love creates love.

As human beings we are in a constant state of trance at all times without even reailsing it. Awareness, acceptance and trust in the process is a really good place to start with healing the negative trance states and invoking positive ones. This is also linked in with the stress response, fight or flight, and again making small changes can really be a great place to turn these trance states round to more loving and positive ones.

Because the subconscious is such a powerful tool, all of these can be hidden memories and have a hidden impact. Your subconscious is working hard all the time absorbing, programming and protecting you from trauma and negativity without you even knowing.

Building a stronger connection with your subconscious is a great way to self heal! Because of the way you are absorbing information, this can sometimes reveal itself through mental and emotional blockages such as PTSD, OCD, bipolar, DIDs, anxiety, stress and other issues that can affect daily behavior.

Part of complementary treatments to go towards self help and healing with any condition that is holding you back, meditations and therapy to help focus on building this relationship and using positive reinforcement and understanding and gaining knowledge on how to turn the negative reaction into a positive one through focus and control of your breathing, energy, thoughts, the list goes on!

Expanding your awareness, realising you have the ability to be in control, building a better relationship with yourself and your subconscious mind is ALL possible and with regular practise your trance states become naturally on a much higher vibration! You know when a trigger is coming and how to deal with it. You feel more confident because you know you have control and you have begun to reverse the entire trigger process and replace it with a high level of positivity that you begin to radiate a brighter energy and you are able to share this with others!

By learning ways to focus daily on love and high vibration, these are great tools to add to your self care package!

If you would like to talk and learn more about reversing the negative and invoking love and positive trance states get in touch and connect! I'm getting really oganised and working hard on presentations I will give out for FREE explaining the wonders of the different therapies offered by Compassionate Therapy, how they work, how they help and how you can carry them forward to keep fighting the good fight for love over fear!

Love you all!!


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