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Compassionate Therapy | Introduction | Trauma Informed Therapy | Call 07522 457 422
Compassionate Therapy

Compassionate Therapy | Introduction | Trauma Informed Therapy | Call 07522 457 422

Compassionate Therapy | Introduction | Trauma Informed Therapy For All | Collaboration and Holistic Approach to Healing through Trauma Informed Therapeutic Interventions Call 07522 457 422 or email | Emma Louvaine introduces Compassionate Therapy based in North Nottinghamshire. Discussing her background and the evolution of healing.   How and why Compassionate Therapy came about and what it means to her. Detailing the way she works as a therapist including assessment, interventions and outcomes. She begins to explain trauma informed therapy, why she chooses to work with this approach and how it is essential that this is integrated into all government bodies, schools, corporations, organisations and charities so we can collectively begin to bring healing for all and help to break the cycle of trauma with holistic healing through therapy and raising awareness. Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:11 Background 4:16 Why Compassionate Therapy? 6:50 Evolution of Healing 11:29 Therapy on Offer! 21:09 How Therapy Can Help? 31:51 My Therapy Journey 35:22 Code of Ethics 39:39 Outro Disclaimer: This video is for discussion purposes only and not meant to replace or discourage seeking advice from your health care professionals or seizing prescribed medication or treatment plans. To find out more, please visit: Website: Facebook Page : Follow on Linkedin: Here is a link to this video: Be sure to subscribe to the channel for more trauma informed collaborative holistic therapy information: #therapy #trauma #traumainformed #compassionatetherapy #collaboration #mentalhealth #holistictherapy
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How To Identify Trauma In Yourself and Others!

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