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Are you struggling with compulsive gambling, social or recreational alcohol or drug misuse? Do you find yourself facing financial problems or relationship issues due to compulsive shopping? Maybe you're dealing with sex addiction, and you've tried to curb the behaviour before, but it seems impossible to maintain control.
I prefer to use the term "problem behaviour" instead of "addiction," as it encompasses any behaviour that compromises, disrupts, or damages family, employment, personal, or recreational pursuits.
During the initial consultation, I will focus on how the problem behaviour began and the current pattern of behaviour. For instance, if you have a drinking problem, you may want to stop drinking at home but still enjoy a glass or two while out. Together, you and I will identify the behavioural change you want to achieve.
Hypnotherapy can be a useful tool in overcoming problem behaviours, and the outcomes can typically be achieved quickly and can lead to permanent change, irrespective of how long the behaviour has persisted.

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