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I care about you and I want you to be well.

You will learn from me how to be free of bad habits, how to overcome your fears, and how to tap into your own inner resources, so that you are better able to achieve your goals!

I will help you by combining my training and experience in psychotherapies using a system that has been tried and perfected over years of study and professional practise.

This system has changed and developed over time and is fully adaptable and adjustable for all your specific therapy needs and requirements.  

It ensures I work to the highest standards of therapeutic alliance and relationships, working efficiently and effectively in just one session and if you require more depth for any reason, you can choose multiple sessions as necessary.

This system has been used in practise world wide. I confidently tell you, it will serve you as my client, very effectively.

I work with you on a Solution Focused basis.  How can I help you?  This is my priority.  It is important to me that the first thing we establish together is your required outcome.  So i’l ask you again:,

What do you want?

How will things be different?

How will you know and be able to gauge how therapy has been a successful intervention?

I only ask questions that I believe will be relevant to your sessions.

I will help you to identify your limiting beliefs.

I will discuss with you the challenge presented by limiting beliefs, the foundations that give your problems some stability and build a therapeutic alliance with you so together we can identify, understand, take a different perspective, nurture and suggest a solution regarding your problem to give you clarity and a new view for effective, efficient and rapid change!  You have to be ready for change!

You can present any misconceptions of hypnosis and I will give you knowledge and empowerment, so you realise and understand that your intention and willingness to change is your power and is fundamental in your own success!

In your first session I will introduce you to hypnosis and give you expectations about hypnosis that will fall inline with your first experience.

I will introduce you to ideomotor communication and a technique called parts negotiation.

I will teach you self hypnosis so you can continue your self care safety and for your greatest purpose.

Hypnotherapy: Welcome
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