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Retford Woman's Support Group

Calling all women over 18 local to the Retford area!!

Would you be interested in a weekly group session for women supporting women?

Emotional, mental and physical support through group discussions, advice, hypnotherapy and other techniques for healing and well being!

My name is Emma, I feel motivated to start a group for women supporting women!

It would be a drop-in clinic so no need to book, just a donation of your choice contributed towards the session.

Each week we would cover different topics from financial, emotional, physical and mental health concerns and a safe space to ask for help and advice, women supporting women, in total confidence and confidentiality..

If you have a sensitive question or concern you are free to approach me privately!

I've been working in the therapy field for over 10 years now and I am calling out to be of service!

I believe in these hard times it is of vital importance to empower and help each other and this is my aim!

Please express your interest and from there I will put together and structure weekly group sessions to suit and accommodate all women!

If you are a therapist and interested in joining me in this campaign please do let me know!

07522 457 422

Compassionate Therapy at The Zen Den

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